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Meet the Team Monday: Shawn Goodman, Clinical Consultant Pharmacist

March is Pharmacy Awareness Month (PAM) – a time to highlight the enormous contributions that pharmacists and pharmacy technicians make to care teams and residents alike. This March marks one year since the COVID-19 pandemic began, and the pharmacy community has stepped up like never before to keep our communities safe and healthy.

We would like to present our “Meet the Team Monday” series, in which we feature members of our valued pharmacy team. Today, let us introduce you to Shawn Goodman, who works as a Clinical Consultant Pharmacist (CCP) in the GTA area.

1. What is your role at Medical Pharmacies Group Limited (MPGL)?

I have been a CCP in the GTA since 2013. Central to the role is building and maintaining healthy customer relations with designated long-term care facilities and retirement homes, in conjunction with the pharmacy team. CCPs provide professional functions, such as medication reviews, being members of interprofessional teams (e.g., Behaviour, Falls, Convalescent Care Teams), being a subject-matter expert regarding drug-related issues in geriatric patients, and identifying/resolving drug therapy issues. We also participate in each facility’s Professional Advisory Committee, provide education and training to nursing staff, and help oversee the medication management system within facilities. I am also a clinical preceptor for University of Waterloo’s PharmD program rotations.

2. Why did you want to be or what was your inspiration to become a Clinical Consultant Pharmacist?

Upon completion of pharmacy school, my long-term goal was always to work in a multidisciplinary, team-based setting. The CCP role provides ample opportunity for collaboration with various healthcare professions, such as physicians, nurses, dietitians, social workers, and physiotherapists. I believe this model of care provides the best outcomes for our patients.

3. What’s one misconception about your role?

There’s still a huge public misconception that pharmacists only work in dispensaries. I often meet residents and families who are pleasantly surprised by our presence in the homes. Most of the time, once they discover we’re there, they want to sit down to discuss their medication concerns; this is the best kind of hallway medicine!

4. What workplace challenges have you faced during COVID, and how did you overcome them?

One of the greatest challenges we’ve faced during the pandemic has been maintaining healthy relationships with the homes while working remotely. The CCP is the face of Medical Pharmacies in the homes, where staff are used to seeing us on-site regularly. To overcome this challenge, we have done our best to leverage technology to continue attending face-to-face meetings, provide nursing education and training, find new efficiencies, and provide the high quality of service our clients deserve.

5. What was the best advice you received early in your career?

The best advice I received was that your practice is what you make of it. I have realized the most rewarding experiences and relationships of my career by being open to and seeking out collaborations with my peers and colleagues.

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