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Webinar: Sick Day Management: SADMANS

Medical Pharmacies is proud to partner with SafeCare BC, on the first in a series of four webinars, to bring you valuable insight on Sick Day Management: SADMANS.

Led by Gabriel Lee, Clinical Consultant Pharmacist from Medical Pharmacies, this session explains when residents are sick, with COVID or other illness, they can’t continue the same medication regimens.

COVID-19 has created unique challenges for older adults. Acute infectious diseases can cause dehydration and volume depletion, which increases health risks and adverse effects of certain medications, leading to a high mortality rate.

It is for this reason that some medications should be stopped temporarily for residents. Medical Pharmacies brings to you SADMANs—an abbreviation and guidance on halting medications to prevent complications.

Through this very timely session, you will understand the reasons certain medications should be halted when a resident is sick, which medications should be halted, and the important processes to ensure optimal health outcomes. This session will provide value for anyone who cares for or is indirectly responsible for continuing care resident.

For questions about SADMANS or if you’d like to attend a future webinar, please email

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