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Medical Pharmacies collaborates with healthcare providers to manage patients’ complex specialty medication regimes, offering a streamlined, one-stop, patient support solution. Our goal is simple: we want to provide the best experience for physicians and their patients to ensure optimal outcomes.

Our services include:

  • Reimbursement assistance programs with ONE enrollment form for all medications
  • Preparation of injectable and infusion therapies in state of the art clean rooms
  • Patient self-injection training by dedicated nurses, in office or at home
  • Patient reminder calls and ongoing medication counselling
  • Flexible medication delivery supporting patient preference
  • Specialty drug inventory management
  • Full range of medical supplies and procedure kits for in-office therapy administration

Clinic Optimization

Working closely with you, we will design a streamlined process to manage and administer your patients’ specialty medications. This reduces the office burden of managing multiple patient support programs, simplifying your practice.

Enhancing the Patient Experience

We provide patients with concierge-level care during their treatment journey. Our integrated team of nurses, pharmacists and reimbursement specialists are there every step of the way – helping to complete the necessary paperwork, scheduling infusion/injection appointments, making reminder calls for medication pick up, and providing the patient training needed to understand their specialty medication. These service enhancements are proven to increase patient satisfaction and adherence.

Expert Reimbursement Assistance

Medical Pharmacies’ reimbursement specialist will provide customized service, ensuring patients have timely access to the specialty medication they need. Our patient support programs are facilitated by our reimbursement experts – patient ambassadors who are well-versed in working with public payers and insurance companies, helping your patients through an often complex process, at a time when clarity and simplicity are needed most.

Nursing Support

Nursing support is an important part of adherence and success. Dedicated nurse educators provide expert patient care, including personalized training on specialty medication administration, as well as mental health support throughout their treatment journey – whether in-clinic or in the home.

Pharmacy Services

Medical Pharmacies manages compounding, dispensing and delivery of medications to your clinic or patients’ doorstep. All prescriptions are appropriately dispensed, and we closely monitor each patient file to make sure the next refill is delivered on time. We also support the administration of drugs with a full range of medical supplies and procedure kits for in-office administration.

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