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Patients, Residents & Families

When you or a loved one needs care, whether it’s around-the-clock or occasional, Medical Pharmacies acts as part of your healthcare team, providing you with the support, services and quality care you deserve. We advocate for you, ensuring that you have the right medications, support, information, and products at your fingertips. With many years of experience, a reputation for safety, and mindful coordination of services, you can trust Medical Pharmacies will ensure the best outcomes for you or your loved one.

Our pharmacy management services include:

  • Safe medication delivery to your home – free of charge
  • A dedicated clinical consultant pharmacist, experienced in working with seniors
  • Personalized medication consultations
  • Information and education through wellness events and newsletters
  • Easy payment options

Our medical equipment and supply division helps patients, residents and families by offering:

  • Incontinence supplies
  • Medical and first aid supplies
  • Oxygen and respiratory equipment
  • Mobility and seating equipment
  • In-home consultations
  • Professional assessments and fittings
  • Preventative maintenance and repairs
  • Fast delivery

For patients with complex or rare chronic conditions, we provide specialty pharmacy services such as:

  • Preparation of injectable and infusion therapies
  • Self-injection training in office or at home
  • Reminder calls and ongoing medication counselling
  • Flexible medication delivery
  • Reimbursement assistance programs

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